do you know how beautiful you are

2021 - ongoing

This work is a collaboration between my father and I, as we attempt to get to know each other after a 10 year absence. In some images, I am trying to understand our current dynamic. In others, we are building a foundation that existed only in fragments; and reliving a parent/child dynamic that we missed out on. He watches me not only as his daughter, but the woman I grew to be, with and without him. I observe him live his daily life, searching for answers to questions I had while we were apart. I piece together what I used to know about him with what I have now learned first-hand. These images exist as timeless moments given to my younger self who desperately sought to be seen and loved by my father. Through constructed scenes of fantasy-like memories, real moments we've shared, observations, and the use of my photographic tools, the work forms a complete view of an incomplete relationship.